Monday, March 16, 2009

Space Shuttle Discovery. March 15, 2009

Sometimes I find myself asking: "How come I never took the time to do this before?" Going down to see the launch, my jaw dropping, I could not think of a reason that would warrant missing a launch of the shuttle ever again. I watched from Titusville, the closest you can get without paying tons of money or knowing someone in NASA. Titusville is about 12 miles from the pad. It looks way closer in person then my $10 Ebay camera could capture.

I regret two things about going to the launch:

1. Bringing a camera. Next time I'll just sit back in awe.
2. Not going to a launch before.

Make sure you click the little HQ (high Quality) button when you watch my video so you can see the boosters fall off


Velma said...

Congrats on the race, and I loved the launch video. Can you make the prints any bigger in your new shop? I think they would look great as an 8x10

Jeff said...

Thanks Beth! 8x10 prints are coming very soon!!! And they look GOOD!