Saturday, November 15, 2008

Night Launch

Despite some fog and a few clouds, I was able to witness the Space Shuttle Endeavor lift off last night @7:55 pm. It was a magnificent sight, that I will never get tired of seeing. I think they should hold all launches at night for the drama. NOTE: This is NOT my video, it is from a you-tube user. I did not bring my camera because of the fog, but I wish I would have.

The next launch is Schedualed for February 12(my birthday) 2009 and will be he Space Shuttle Discovery.



ThreadBeaur said...

I used to live in Florida, and we often got to see the shuttle lift off. I even remember the Challenger when I was in grade school there. All the kids were taken outside to watch it. No one expected what happened, needless to say they hurried us back inside.
It is an amazing event to watch the space program move forward, each launch is something to behold!

esque said...

Wow! You're right about the night lift off for drama! Just stunning!

RunsWithScissors said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!!

BTW, you've been tagged! Visit my blog for the rules.

intelligence said...